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It all began with the idea of taking intricate designs drawn on a computer screen,
and turning them into real,
 of material. Taking artwork back to its original state, inspired by new technologies.
tangible layers
For Yara, who worked for over a decade as a graphic and branding designer building
these virtual layers,
there was an urge to
experiment with something she could touch,
cut, feel.
And so, using her imagination and
her design skills, she spent countless hours experimenting with different materials,
patterns and paints.
Her pieces not only
decorate a space;
they also tell a story
and express a feeling.
She brought it all to
life with a layering
technique inspired by designers who use the magical accuracy of laser cut machines.
She then sands, paints, varnishes and
assembles each and every layer by hand.


Yara has worked as a graphic and branding designer between Montreal, Beirut & Dubai for the better part of the past decade. LAYERS is her brainchild; a project she’s been pouring her heart, soul and sweat into.
She holds a Masters degree in Graphic
Branding and Identity
from the University of
the Arts, London College of Communication.
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